Easy Ways Your Website Can Enhance Customer Experience

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Imagine you own a small coffee shop and you’re competing with a giant like Starbucks. Do you think it’s possible for your small business to pull a David in the face of such an obvious Goliath? Is there a way for your store to remain competitive even with limited resources?

The answer is YES.

Just like David, you shouldn’t focus on how big your enemy is and how small you are. You should think of a strategy that will help you win. In your case, you can do that by knowing how to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Why You Should Focus on Customer Experience

CRM at the Speed of Light author Paul Greenberg put it best, “If a customer likes you and continues to like you, they will do business with you. If they don’t, they won’t.”

Research by Forrester backs this up. According to the study:

There’s a high correlation between customer experience and loyalty. Consumers who highly rate a company in the Customer Experience Index (CXi) are more likely to buy from that company again, as well as recommend it to others.

Companies with high CXi scores gain more revenue. Based on loyalty-based revenue models, companies going from below- to above-industry-average CXi scores ranged from $88 million for consumer electronics manufacturers to $3.1 billion for wireless providers.

Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) is designed to measure the quality of customer experiences, assess customer loyalty, determine which drivers have the biggest influence on customers’ perceptions of CX quality, and provide a CX benchmark.

CX Index Methodology – Forrester

So what does this mean for your business?

It means a standout customer experience can be your store’s edge against the competition. It also means that it’s a must for you to ensure that when people visit your website, they should enjoy the experience.

How to Enhance Customer Experience

Like we always say, “A business website is not “set it and forget it.”

Don’t forget that a business website is part of the customer journey. Once you have your site set up, your next step should be to invest in continual improvement in your customer’s journey from click to close.

To get you started, here are some tips on how to enhance customer experience on your website.

  • Speed up. Does your site load quickly on computers and mobile devices? If your site takes minutes to load, don’t expect your customers to stick around. Why will they waste time on your site when they can just go elsewhere?In the online marketplace, every second counts. Make sure all of your web pages are optimized and will load quickly regardless of the device used.
  • Design matters. Think about the best way to showcase your products. Do you think a drab website will entice a customer to check out your goods?When choosing a design for your site, you can’t go wrong with sleek and modern. Your site should also be easy to navigate, has trust signals, and good site search technology.
  • Add customer reviews. Did you know that 90% of consumers believe an online review is more compelling than input from a salesperson?You can ensure a positive customer experience by including customer reviews not just on your website, but also on mobile apps and in-store displays (when applicable).
  • Easy does it. Don’t make it hard for customers to get in touch with you. Your contact information should be easily visible on your website.The same goes for getting a quote or signing up for email. Your customers are not going to jump through hoops to subscribe to your newsletter or request a quote when switching to another store is way easier.
  • Offer great content. Let’s say you’re selling anti-aging creams to women over 30. Of course, you’re not going to put videos or blog posts on your website about children’s educational toys or digital photography tips.If you do that, visitors to your website will leave immediately. The content on your website should always be relevant to what your customers are looking for.

Keep Them Coming Back for More

Knowing how to enhance customer experience is an ongoing process. There is always something on your website that can be improved.

Every usability issue that crops up should be fixed immediately. Don’t wait for complaints to come pouring in before you do something about it.

Maintaining an online business means you stay on top of problems not just once, but every day.

You also need to do something for your loyal customers no matter how small they are. While new customers are great, repeat customers keep your business thriving so you can’t just ignore them.

One way you can do this is to always follow up after a sale. You can call up a customer to say thank you and inquire if he or she is satisfied with your product or service.

You can also send them special deals and coupons. Or you can give them freebies like an e-book or a personalized gift that ties into your business.

Other things you can do to enhance customer experience and encourage repeat customers include:

  • Attending trade shows and industry events. Not only will you get insights on what your customers are looking for, you can also scope ou the competition.
  • Asking for feedback and suggestions. Customers know they’re a priority when you listen to what they have to say and you act on their recommendations. They know which companies are just paying them lip service and which ones are serious about giving them value for their money.
  • Refreshing your product lines or service. Are there ways to upgrade your offers? Do you have add-ons that your customers will like? When it comes to customer satisfaction, more is more.
  • Providing good guarantees. Empower your customers by making it easier for them to complain. It sounds counterintuitive but when you do this, you show your customers that they come first. Your guarantee should be meaningful, unconditional, and easy to collect on.
  • Rewarding them for their loyalty. There are different types of loyalty rewards programs. You should implement one depending on your business. It could be a points program, where every purchase is worth points or giving preferable rates to members of your loyalty club.You can also give loyal customers a bonus product or service if they have bought from your store before. Or you can go with a multiple purchase program (e.g. buy 10 coffees and get the 11th one for free).

Need more tips on how to enhance customer experience on your website? Contact Us now for a free consultation.


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