When to DIY and When to Hire Help for Tech Projects

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Digital Marketing

When to DIY and When to Hire Help for Tech Projects Google My Business Profile

Technology shouldn’t make life harder for you and your small business. In fact, technology should be the key to streamlining tasks, improving productivity, boosting visibility, and ultimately enhancing profits for any business. You just need to figure out which tech projects you can handle on your own and which ones to outsource. Luckily for your budget, the latter is fairly slim. 

To save you the legwork, here’s a list of ways you can use tech to DIY projects, tools that can make taking advantage of tech easier, and suggestions for tasks you should outsource — all thanks to Walk to Success Marketing

Forming an LLC? There’s a Web App for That 

If you’re starting a new business, one of the first steps is to set up a structure. Now, you could work with an attorney to choose the right structure and fill out all of the necessary paperwork. As everyone knows, attorneys charge by the hour and they tend to charge quite a bit. Or, you could save yourself time, money, and guesswork by using an online service to take care of the task. 

If you are setting up a business as an LLC, you can utilize an all-in-one formation website like Zenbusiness to research and file the needed forms to start an LLC. The process of setting up your business doesn’t end here, though, so make sure to cover each step. With an LLC, you’ll gain benefits like asset protection and fewer tax requirements than other business structures.

Grow your business online

There Are Tech Tools to Help Boost Cash Flow

A lot of small business owners made resolutions to help them succeed in the new year. Setting goals is always a must for entrepreneurs, but this year was filled with hard lessons. If you want to focus on one goal or resolution at a time, you may want to consider improving cash flow. 

Before you enhance cash flow, you need to get a handle on your accounting processes. You could outsource the task to an accountant, but if you want to save yourself the added cost, this is one project you can easily tackle with the right tech tools according to American Express, including GoogleDocs and Scoro. 

Consider Outsourcing Your Business Website 

You need a structure and you need cash flow. But you also need a website if you want your business to thrive in the current market. It’s ever more important to have a web presence; without a website, you’re at the mercy of competition that understands how important it is to be found online. Utilizing local SEO optimizes your website so that customers can discover your business and contact you in a number of ways, from email to a phone call to actually walking through your door.

If you’re really looking to pinch pennies, TechRadar notes that you can use a free website builder to create and launch your business’s website. However, these free tools tend to lack the design and customization help you need to build a truly unique, engaging website free of glitches and issues that could turn users off. To ensure your website makes the right impression, this is a tech project for which you may want help from professionals like Walk to Success Marketing.

Use Online Tools to DIY Social Media Marketing

You’ll definitely want your website connected to your social media profiles. Now, if you don’t have social media set up for your small business, this is a tech to-do you can most definitely DIY. The trick is to figure out which platforms will be best for reaching your target audience. 

After you have your profiles sorted out, you can also use the latest apps and online tools to create, post, track and automate posts that will help you build more connections. These tools are very easy to use and make this must-have marketing and tech project affordable and simple. You could also outsource your social media to a pro, but this will add to your budget. 

Tech isn’t an option when you own a business; it’s a necessity to keep your business competitive and to simplify your daily operations. Tech tools are also a must when it comes to marketing your business via social media. Know that there are definitely ways to DIY each and every one of these tech tasks, but sometimes, it’s best to leave complex projects up to the pros. 


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